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Infographic: The (un)Recognized Moldovan Parliament

The current political situation in Moldova is far from stable right now. On the second day after the decision of the Constitutional Court that stated that the last day to form a Parliamentary majority was June 7th, the Socialists Party together with the Electoral Block ACUM formed a majority and voted a new Government. The ruling Democratic Party has not recognized these steps and has asked from the Constitutional Court to annul them. Moreover, the Court has suspended the Socialist President of Moldova and has allowed the interim President, former Prime-Minister Filip to call for snap elections on September 6th.

We will go into details with the activity of the Constitutional Court of Moldova in further articles, but here we will analyze the international reactions to the situation.

Countries like USA and Canada have called for cooperation and restraint from any escalations. At the same time, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom have recognized the legitimacy of the Parliament and the new Government. The international press affirms that Moldova may be the unique case where the positions of USA and Russia might be shared.

The only country to be openly reticent to the new Parliament is Ukraine that fears that Moldova may fall into a trap by the Russian Federation and may be moving towards federalization although President Zelenskiy promised to provide a fuller statement later.

EU and the Council of Europe have also recognized the Parliament and the Government, the CE Secretary-General going so far as to ask a position on the activity of the Constitutional Court from the Venice Commission. It is supposed to be adopted on June 21st, 2019. OSCE has taken a cautionary position that resembles the rhetoric of the US State Department.

This article and the infographic will be updated as soon as we learn of new developments on the international stage.

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