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An open letter to the United States Embassy to the Republic of Moldova from MEFI

In full awareness of the urgent need to reform the Moldovan tax system to create a healthy business environment and ensure a steady flow of income to the budget, we, the undersigned, call on the American Embassy to:

  1. Express an official position on the recent initiatives to raise taxes on several key industries in Moldova, including, but not limited to the HORECA VAT and the excise tax on the heat-not-burn tobacco products (draft law No. 52 )

  2. Call on the Moldovan Parliament and Government to respect the public consultation, requirements for impact analysis of tax law changes, as well as more substantial predictability of the tax system and the business environment in Moldova.

  3. Call to cease the public attacks on AmCham and other civil society actors from the Members of Parliament under the pretenses of 'illegal lobbying' for their efforts to make the legislative process more transparent and representative of the business community and consumers' interests.

  4. Call on the Moldovan authorities to respect the World Trade Organization regulation and consultation procedures on all legislative changes affecting free trade, namely the draft law No.52, that is bound to be adopted on 7/26/2019.Recommend to the Moldovan authorities to fully commit to free trade standards as a critical component for a steady development of the economy and the state as a whole.

The Moldovan authorities commitments towards a continuous transition to a market economy should be fostered and monitored by civil society and strategic partners such as the United States of America.

By taking a public position on the issues described in this open letter, the Embassy will signal towards the business community on its commitment to support a predictable business environment development and support the Moldovan authorities to undertake a more transparent and inclusive decision-making process.

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