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9 June 2019

MEFI participated at Europe Liberty Forum 2019, hosted by Atlas Network and KEFIM. Such meetings are very important for continuing our work in promoting values of Free Market Economy in Moldova.

More than 200 champions of liberty from 44 countries met in Athens, Greece for Europe Liberty Forum, Atlas Network’s annual convention of think tank professionals and allies who meet to discuss the specific challenges facing European organizations and to engage each other on solutions that will promote free-market opportunities for all.


1 March 2019

MEFI in partnership and financial support from Atlas Network started the project regarding researching and writing the research regarding the Moldovan NGO Stakeholders Map. 
The scope of the project is to understand the quantity and quality of the stakeholders in Moldovan NGO, public and governmental affairs. This map will help us to understand what organizations, both public and private, that are sharing the same values as MEFI do. 



Apply at our Training School about what means a Free Market Economy and how it has to work in Moldova and Ukraine. 
Apply here - https://goo.gl/forms/xqVSnQSlMbMJfesQ2
We cover transfer, accommodation and all are free. Just apply.
Free Economy School is a non-formal educational project dedicated to students from Moldovan & Ukrainian universities. This project is fallen to one of the main goals of Moldovan Economic Freedom Institute “Milton Friedman”, regarding access to education about the values of free market and free economy. Any student of the 1st and 2nd year of study can take part in the school on a competitive basis.

The program of the first Free Economy School is designed for 4 days and for 20+ participants. The program of the School assumes familiarization of students with the principles of the libertarian economy. Introduction to the topic will take place not only in a lecture format but also provides for the study of the principles of libertarianism on ready-made study cases. This will help students not only to understand the principles of libertarianism more quickly but also in more detail.
Throughout the time, the participants of the school will be under the mentorship of 2 qualified trainers-moderators, who will conduct work with the participants in the cases, about which we mentioned above. Also, experts in the field of economics and business owners who understand the advantages of a free economy will visit the project participants daily.
During the lectures, participants will be able to pick up not only new information but also ask experts interested in the topic of the free economy, as well as learn how the principles of a free market work in practice.
We will not engage any political party or organization from Moldova, we will just educate students in perspectives of Liberal Economy and how it can be critical for Moldovan development and future.

Terms and Conditions:
1)You should be the student on the 1st or 2nd year of university
2)The possibility of participating in the school for the duration of the whole time (from 13:00 on November 8, 18 until 12:00 on November 11, 18)
3)Knowledge of English at the level not below intermediate, because the working language of the school will be English
4)Ability to stay at the La Maison hotel throughout the whole school (The organizers cover all expenses for accommodation, food, and travel)
5)Fill out the application form at the link below until 25.10.2018 until 18:00
6) You will be available through Skype or another messenger for a preventive call with the staff of the School.

Candidates who will be selected to attend the school will receive an email with information on 10/28/2018.



MEFI representatives participated at the 4th Fiscal Forum in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, where we found out about fiscal environment in Ukraine, positive and negative experience regarding the Fiscal reform of Moldovan eastern neighbor.



MEFI team participated at European Liberty Forum in Denmark. Great experience and talks with Libertarian think-tanks all around Europe. Thanks to Atlas Network for a great organization.