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Moldovan Economic Freedom Institute “Milton Friedman” is a nonprofit and apolitical association, created to promote the principles of economic freedoms based on a market economy, the free movement of goods and services, and the defense of business environment rights.

The Friedman Institute aims to promote the values of a free economy where the market is the only instrument for regulating economic activities. Thus, we opt for reducing the level of involvement of the status and bureaucracy in the business environment of the Republic of Moldova and the region.

The directions we focus on:

  • Promote the values of a liberal market economy.

  • Analysis of the general legal framework with which the business environment of the Republic of Moldova interacts with, especially those companies that make the greatest contribution to the economic development, such as: Tobacco Industry, Agriculture, Food (including winemakers), IT, Finance and Banking, Service Provision.

  • The sociological analysis of the clients of these industries;

  • Elaborate legislative initiatives to solve the problems faced by local and international companies.

  • Elaboration of advocacy campaigns to promote legislative changes

  • Collecting, analyzing data and developing business growth proposals, including by expanding on regional markets (Romania and Ukraine).

  • The analysis of the work of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the efficiency of the use of their budgetary resources.

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